Trial Lesson is a one-time lesson that is available for non-ABC members to try out the service of ABC Cooking Studio at a special price. You can choose from one of the following categories: Cooking, Bread, and Cake. Trial Lesson is limited to one time per person.


For existing ABC members, they can repeatedly participate in our Trial Lessons (for free!) by referring their friend(s) to join our Trial Lesson with him/her together.  


* Our Trial Lesson is limited to one time per person.


* As our Trial Lessons are intended for introducing ABC Cooking Studio’s service to newcomers, existing ABC members are not allowed to attend our Trial Lessons without friend referral.

Trial Lessons are designed for newcomers to experience ABC Cooking Studio lesson for the first time. Non-member can only join Trial Lesson once.  


A member can attend Trial Lesson for free (i.e. $280 off) if he/she brings along a first-timer (i.e. non-member) each time when he/she attends a Trial Lesson. Be noted that Member and the referred first-timer must attend the Trial Lesson together.



Regular lessons are exclusively for ABC members. Regular lessons include Bread courses, Cake courses, Cooking courses, Wagashi courses and Kids courses.

    ● If you are new to ABC Cooking Studio HK

      Please click [Register] button to register your account on this site.

      Choose your own login ID and follow the on-screen instructions to register.


    ● Member of ABC Cooking Studio HK

      No new registration is required.

      Please log in with your membership number and password that you use on the ABC Cooking Studio HK member site.

      ※ Membership Number: The 10-digit number starting with “80” as listed on your membership card

      ※ Password: Alphanumeric characters of 4 to 8 digits as registered on ABC Cooking Studio HK member site


*This trial lesson reservation website does not support our promotional offers with other 3rd parties, such as offers by credit card, shopping mall, etc. To utilize these promotional offers, please visit our studio or contact us by phone for reservation.



  Please set the conditions and search for your desired lesson slot. (Lesson Type, Menu, Time, Studio, Time Range can be specified)




  Please follow the on-screen instructions and fill in the necessary information. If you are joining with your friend(s), please check the box “Add Friends” and enter their information.




  After confirming the reservation details and the terms & conditions, press “Proceed to Payment”.




  You can pay with credit card (VISA, Mastercard, AE, Discovery) or with your PayPal account. For credit card payment, please select “Pay with a card” on the screen. Once finished, a confirmation page will appear.

Feel free to visit any of our studios and join our membership directly.


You are also welcomed to try out our Trial Lesson first before joining membership. Trial lessons are designed for newcomers to experience ABC Cooking Studio lesson for the first time. Be noted that non-member can only join Trial lesson once. After Trial Lesson, our instructors will explain more about the benefits, application process of becoming an ABC member, course structure of Regular Lessons, package discounts for courses, various payment methods, how to make lesson reservations, as well as answering all the questions you might have in mind!


ABC membership is for lifetime and requires one-time payment only.


Members are prioritized for all special lessons, events and workshops available. Member-exclusive discount is available from time-to-time at retail merchandise upon presentation of membership card before making payment. Be noted that membership card and membership benefits are not allowed to be lent / shared / transferred to others under any circumstances.

Trial Lessons will not allow reservation (scheduled for the next day) after 5:00pm. Please call the studio and let us know which Trial Lesson you wish to reserve for the next day.
· You can cancel a lesson that you have reserved on the “My Page” tab after logged in.

Reservation can be cancelled by 5:00pm of the day before the lesson. Your lesson fee will be refunded. For cancellation after that, please contact our studio. In this case, the lesson fee will not be refunded.
Please be on time for your lesson. If you are late for more than 10 minutes, in order to ensure the quality of our lesson and avoid affecting the progress of other customers, you will not be allowed to join the lesson. The lesson fee will not be refunded in this case.

For ABC non-members, you are not allowed to attend our Trial Lesson more than once.

For ABC members, you may attend trial lesson more than once (and for FREE) if and only if, you bring along a new friend (first-timer non-ABC member) each time you attend a Trial Lesson! In addition, both the ABC member and the referred friend MUST attend the Trial Lesson together.